Traeger Alder Wood Pellets 20lb


Traeger Alder Hardwood Pellets

Only Traeger can guarantee that nothing harmful is cooking your food. With our 100% all-natural wood pellets, fuel the fire for memorable food kissed by robust wood smoke. We keep our smoke to moisture ratio consistently at 5% – the perfect spot for optimal burn. Traeger Alder pellets are the best wood pellets for brisket, tri-tip, other beef cuts, chicken, turkey, pork, fish and vegetables.

Versatile because of its mild flavour and aroma, alder gives off ample smoke without overwhelming even the most delicate flavours. From classic BBQ meats to fish and veggies, this versatile blend gives you the full-bodied flavour you’ll go back to time and time again.

  • 100% Natural Hardwood
  • 20lb Bag
  • Pairs with Beef
  • Pairs with Poultry
  • Pairs with Pork
  • Pairs with Lamb
  • Pairs with Fish
  • Pairs with Baked Goods

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