The Rib Man Christ On A Bike Hot Sauce


The Rib Man’s ‘Christ on a Bike’ Hot Sauce is a Scotch Bonnet and Naga chilli sauce with a thick and textured consistency, and a zingy, stinging heat. This is a unique tasting sauce with tomato and dried herbs creating a rich slow-cooked ragu or bolognese tasting sauce.

The heat of this sauce burns slow in the mouth so use sparingly. ‘Christ on a Bike’ goes very well with fatty red meats, cheese, and other stronger flavoured foods. If you’ve had the infamous ‘Holy Fuck’ sauce, this is most definitely hotter but almost identical in taste.

Warning! This an eye-wateringly very hot sauce!

  • 3x The Naga chillies as the Holy Fuck Hot Sauce
  • Packaged in 200ml plastic bottles
  • Made in England

About The Rib Man

Mark Gevaux, the Rib Man, is a one-legged former butcher with a passion for ribs and West Ham. His sauces are definitely not for the faint-hearted.

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