Woodland-Reared Pork Mixed Meat Box


The Woodland Pork Mixed Meat Box contains approximately 10kg of pork roasting joints, pork steaks, pork chops, pork sausages, pork mince, and pork kebabs.

Approximately 10kg

Woodland Reared Pork

Less than 3% of the pigs farmed in Britain are genuinely free-range. Our woodland-reared pigs produce an eating quality and nutrition second to none whilst also helping to benefit the natural ecosystem of the woodland.

Whilst foraging through the woodland cover, these free-range pigs help clear invasive plants, fertilising and aerating the soil, stimulating the woodland for strong new growth where new saplings can rejuvenate the land.

For the past few months, George, a passionate and devoted Free Range Pork Farmer from Magness Farms, Thaxted has been rearing his beautiful Saddleback and Landrace pigs in a spacious woodland home.

His ethos mirrors our own here at Meat & Cleaver, not to mention the resulting pork being so succulent and full of flavour.

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