Free Range Herb Fed Whole Chicken


Average Weight: 2.1KG

These free-range chickens from Herb Fed Poultry are slow grown, resulting in larger than average birds which will each comfortably serve 6 – 8 people. The birds are free to roam in acres of unfenced pasture in North Yorkshire and sleep in secure huts bedded daily with straw. The chickens are fed on a highly nutritious feed of locally produced fresh herbs and a corn-based diet free from any growth promoters.

Perfect for larger gatherings and Sunday roasts, these chickens also make great stock after your roast.

Herb Fed Poultry Ethos

Herb Fed Poultry is traditionally farmed, hand-fed and kept in small flocks so that they are truly free to forage for food and roam their Yorkshire pasture. Their unique diet includes over 10 varieties of fresh herbs, on top of a natural cereal-based feed, free from additives and growth promoters.

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