Dry Aged T-Bone Steak


A T-bone steak gives you fillet steak on one side of the bone and sirloin steak on the other side. This is a notoriously big steak, packed full of flavour and is considered one of the highest quality gourmet steaks around, containing not one, but two of the most prized cuts of beef; sirloin and fillet.

Easy to cook, the T-bone in the centre conducts the heat throughout the meat, cooking it evenly and helping to prevent the meat from drying out.

We dry age our beef steaks for 28-40 days to ensure the best possible eating experience.

Steak weight equivalents:

400g – 500g steak is equivalent to a 14oz – 17.5oz steak

700g – 800g steak is equivalent to a 24.5oz – 28oz steak

900g – 1kg steak is equivalent to a 31.5oz – 35oz steak


Please note; the price shown is based on a single steak at the weight shown

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