Dry Aged Point End Beef Brisket


The Point End of Brisket is one-half of the chest muscles of the beef. Briskets are commonly separated into two cuts – Navals & Point Ends. This brisket is the triangular Point End Brisket. The uniqueness about a Point End of Brisket is that it is actually two muscle, the Point and the Brisket separated by a layer of fat. Each muscle runs in a different direction.

The Point End of Brisket is a great value joint of meat well suited to long, slow cooking for meltingly tender beef. The flat end of the brisket is untrimmed with the fat on to keep it moist and full of flavour, and making it perfect for smoking.

Our Briskets are only dispatched after being dry-aged for a minimum of 28 days for true succulence to enhance the natural qualities of the beef.

All of our beef is grass-fed and sourced from locally chosen free-range farms in Essex where welfare is at the heart of its fantastic flavour.

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