Boneless Dry Aged Fore Rib of Beef


If you love ribeye steak you will love our Dry Aged Rib of Beef, as the ribeye is the eye of the fore rib (rib of beef). All of our fore ribs are dry aged for 28 – 40 days. the rib of beef is the king of all roasting joints, it has the perfect amount of intramuscular fat (marbling) which keeps it very succulent during the cooking process and also gives it a gorgeous flavour!

A delicious beef rib joint with an excellent marbled pasture fed rib that is full of flavour.



By hanging the beef carcasses on-the-bone and dry ageing the beef, it naturally allows the enzymes to react, breaking down the muscle fibres and connective tissues, resulting in improved texture and flavour which gives the meat its tenderness. Through the process of dry ageing, you also lose moisture in the beef, concentrating the flavours, and giving you a depth of flavour only achieved by the process of dry ageing.


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