4 x 4oz Prime Beef Burgers


At Meat & Cleaver we only use forequarter cuts for our burgers!

We use hard-working muscles that have deep flavour and a good balance of fat to keep them nice and juicy during the cooking! Add in a little seasoning and you have a recipe you can’t go wrong with! All of our burgers are hand made at our shop and frozen in packs of 4!

Ideal to put straight on the BBQ from frozen or allow to defrost the result will be the same – simply an awesome tasting burger!

Please note we only use fresh ingredients in all of our handmade burgers with 3 ingretdints beef, onion and maldon sea salt flakes. This means they do not hold the brighter red colour as well. This is perfectly natural as we mince the onion through with the beef. Due to the colour of the onions it darkens the beef. We could use a power packet flavoring like a lot of other companies do but we choose to make our burger the natural way.

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