Tomahawk Steak Box for 2


The ‘Tomahawk Steak Box for 2’ includes this fantastic ‘showpiece’ dry-aged steak which is more than enough to feed two adults comfortably. Make sure what you put on the table will not only impress visually but also in flavour.

  • 1 x 800g Dry-Aged Tomahawk Steak
  • 1 x Atkins & Potts Classic Peppercorn Sauce
  • 4 x Flat Mushrooms
  • 1 x 300g Baby Potatoes
  • Green Beans

A Note About Marbling

Marbling is what we call intramuscular fat, that runs through the meat improving steak’s tenderness, moistness, juiciness, and flavour.

When it comes to steak, no quality is so highly prized as marbling. Certain cuts of beef are known for their high degree of marbling such as ribeye, short rib, brisket, sirloin and tomahawk steaks. The presence of marbling has an extremely positive effect on the eating quality of beef, in terms of tenderness, juiciness/moisture and flavour.

Of course, if you would prefer a leaner cut then please let us know in your order notes when you make your order.

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