Magness Farm Free Range Essex Bronze Turkey


Magness Farm is a local farm, based very near to us in Essex producing Bronze Turkeys slow-grown and with a great, traditional flavour.

Magness Farm turkeys are all ‘Bronze’ birds, a traditional slow-growing breed which thrives living outdoors amongst grassland pasture.

These bronze turkeys have plenty of space in which to thrive and are reared in a healthy outdoor environment surrounded by the beautiful Essex countryside where they build up natural immunity and can freely exhibit all their natural instincts.

Our traditional Bronze Properly Free Range Turkeys live a properly free-range life, living significantly longer than most other free-range and organic birds.

All turkeys are grown to maturity, not to size.

Please note, this is part of our Christmas Only range and only available for delivery or collection on or around the 23rd and 24th December.


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