We’ve just added all our delicious cheeses and tasty charcuterie tapas selection or meats to our online shop.

Our new deli features a handpicked selection of some of our best-selling cheeses and meats. Perfect if you are entertaining or a delicious treat for a cosy night in.

Multi-Award-Winning Cheeses from The Snowdonia Cheese Company

An instant success in local markets these cheeses have an incredible flavour with lots of available varieties to choose from. Over the years, each cheese has won its own cult following and many prestigious awards.

So whether you’re looking for a creamy brie, a strong blue, or a tangy cheddar you can get it now on our website.

Spanish Charcuterie

Visit any food market in Spain you would be greeted with a huge selection of cured meats and sausages in a range of styles, flavours and sizes. From classic chorizo and iberico to salchichon and lomo, there is a growing range to choose from online now at Meat & Cleaver.

Spanish Cured Meats

The indisputable king of Spanish meats is Jamon. From Serrano to the prestigious Iberico, slice it finely and serve with warm bread.

Chorizo is a great way to add spice and flavour to your favourite dishes. Shop our range of fresh cooking chorizo and cured varieties for an authentic taste of Spain.

Your online butcher now has a deli selection

So keep your eyes open as we grow out our online collection at our delicatessen at Meat & Cleaver. Order online or learn more about our deli selection, check out our deli for the perfect Charcuterie board of cheese and meats.

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