Chances are you love meat just as much as we do, making access to high-quality produce at great prices a necessity. We know our customers value quality, along with the knowledge that we are passionate about the welfare of animals from which our free range meat comes. We deliver quality meats throughout the UK keeping original, traditional values in our approach. It can be difficult at times to fulfill all these criteria while still meeting our budgets for food.

The UK meat industry continues to grow at a steady pace and is shifting the way meat is sold in the process. There are now many different ways to buy meat beyond the traditional method of going to your local supermarket. One of the fastest-growing options is buying your meat directly from a traditional butcher online.

Traditionally, butchers have been slow to take the steps to sell their meat online, but for those like us that have, we can offer the best quality and service at great prices. Online butchers like Meat & Cleaver offer the same quality meat you find at local butchers but with the convenience of having fresh meat delivered to your door – guaranteed to be fresh, tasty and locally sourced in Essex. If you have yet to buy meat online, you’ll want to look into it the next time you’re craving a juicy steak.

Here are just some of the benefits of ordering your meat online:

1. Convenience

Using an online butcher service means you don’t need to head to your local supermarket or to a specialty butcher to get your favourite cuts. Instead, you can get your fresh, delicious meats delivered straight to your door without ever needing to leave your home. All you need to do is head to your preferred online butcher on your phone, tablet or computer, and order the meat directly from a traditional butcher online. Not only will you get better quality meat, you’ll also save time by not having to wait at the store, allowing you to spend more time focusing on work, your family, or anything else that is important to you. This has become increasingly desirable during that past few months, as it is a much safer alternative to shopping in-store during the lockdown.

2. Cost

If you buy your meat from a supermarket, it has likely passed through several different parties before you grab it off of the shelf. What’s more, buying from your local supermarket may sometimes be a cheap alternative, but the quality of meat is most likely to be inferior to that of your local butcher and do you really know where the animal came from and how it was treated? When you order meat from an online butcher such as ourselves, you know that we value quality above everything else. We are passionate about the welfare of the animals from which our free range meat comes and we only deliver tasty, fresh quality cuts of meat throughout the UK.

Also, online butchers are able to keep their own costs down because they don’t have to pay as many staff and have lower overhead than a supermarket or other brick-and-mortar shops. This enables them to provide high-quality meat at a lower price along with a more convenient shopping experience.

Buying meat online also makes it easier for shoppers to compare prices for different products. Instead of having to hop from one store to another to find the best deals, shoppers can simply find the best prices on their computer or smartphone.

3. Variety Of Options

Meat delivery from an online butcher is not only less expensive, but it also provides more choice compared to physical stores. When you buy meat online, you have access to an increased range of premium cuts, all with just a few clicks. There are all kinds of meat to choose from, and you’re certain to find whatever you’re looking for.

Meat and Cleaver also makes it easy to customise your order to fit your dietary preferences and desired meal plan with tailored meat and vegetable subscription boxes, pre-prepped burgers and sausages, roasts, brisket, sauces, Traeger grills and smoking pellets, and more.

4. Bulk Orders

If you decide to throw a sudden barbecue party for your friends, the local meat shops and supermarkets may not have enough supply to fulfill your need for a bulk order of meat. This is where online butchers come in extra-handy, as they can provide the deeper supply of meat needed to fulfill your bulk order.

Online butchers are also better suited for making orders in advance so you can be certain you’ll have what you need when you need it. It’s a rather common experience to venture to your local supermarket to find they are sold out of your favorite cuts – a modern tragedy, really.

Proper Online Meat Delivery

With Meat & Cleaver, it has never been easier to get the highest-quality meat delivered straight to your door. We care about the welfare of our animals — all are treated lovingly and are locally sourced right here in Essex.

To get started with your online order, simply browse our selection and choose from our delicious, free-range meat and fresh vegetables. Your choice cuts are then packaged in insulated boxes with gel packs to keep everything cool for up to 48 hours. Sit back and wait for your order to arrive, perfectly chilled, always fresh, and ready to get cooking straight away.

If you need assistance finding the right cut or have any other questions about our meat, get in touch today and we’ll be happy to help!

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