English Pork Mini Porchetta Recipe | Meat & Cleaver

Porchetta is a fabulous cut to prepare consisting of the loin and belly rolled together. It is perfect to cook and serve for large dinner parties – an impressive centrepiece for sure!

I find this quite limiting in and got me thinking on how I could adapt this flavoursome joint into something more versatile.

Here is my midweek mini Porchetta recipe, super easy to make with minimal prep time.

English Pork Mini Porchetta Recipe | Meat & Cleaver

What you need

  • 1 x English Pork Tenderloin
  • Sea salt
  • Black cracked pepper
  • Decent amount of flat leaf parsley
  • Chipotle chilli flakes
  • Fennel seeds


Making it happen

  1. First things first we need to trim our pork fillet by removing the silver gristle off the top.
  2. Next we are ready to butterfly our pork fillet. To butterfly our pork fillet you will need to run the knife along the meat cutting two thirds of the way through. This will open it up so it should lay flat on the table.
  3. Put the pork fillet between two sheets or cling film will also work. Using the smooth side of the meat, hammer bash out the pork fillet. It should treble in size and be consistent thickness.
  4. Now you are ready to season with sea salt and pepper.
  5. Put small handful of chipotle chilli flakes and fennel seeds into a pestle and mortar lightly crush. Sprinkle the mix evenly over the pork.
  6. Finely chop the head of the parsley and sprinkle over the pork. You want a good covering as this is what will ultimately give you the spiral effect through the pork when you serve.
  7. Now it is time to roll the pork. Make sure you roll it as tightly as possible to get a good spiral effect. You can either pin it with cocktail sticks or tie it with butcher’s twine.
  8. Place in the oven at 200c for about 20 minutes. Serve with your desired trimmings.


English Pork Mini Porchetta

We’d love to hear how you got on creating our version of these classic Mini Porchettas so please comment below and let us know what you think – we always love to hear your feedback!

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